Ancient Village In Hanoi


Rely Son Tay, Hanoi city - 44KM from Old Quarter to there The king and warrior both in Vietnam were born this area This place is typically symbol for architecture of Vietnamese buildings in past such as simple, natural and colourful!


Duong Lam Village was built from 1684 that brings some kinds of feature in Vietnamese building included Silt houses and wooden floors. Somewhere is built with name of Nghi Mon, San Dinh, Ta Mac and Huu Mac on both sides of complex. When you get inside, the incredible view will attract your attention with the ancient horizontal and parallel parallelogram is several hundred years old.


Traditional ‘’Duong Lam’’ village festival

Royal citadel sacrificial festival


Coming to Duong Lam village, the customers not only explore the type of buildings in Vietnam through the past but also get to try tasty food like Te cake, Che Lam, and traditional chicken


Duong Lam ancient house is lied on Son Tay, Hanoi city. It had a long period of time in history for establishment. It is well-known by historical and unique design. It is one of many ancient villages in Vietnam which went over 100 years agoDuong Lam village was considered making in Ly dynasty, approximately around century of 11 or 12. King Ly Cong Uan - Second King under Ly dynasty chose Duong Lam ancient house like shelter after expedition enemy. It had been looked as the important place of Ly dynasty after this event. During Ly dynasty, Duong Lam ancient house was developing and built under traditional type of Vietnamese house.Duong Lam village is also well-known by keeping Vietnam traditional exhibition. It is one of many villages holding original architecture and Vietnamese empty space in the past. There are wooden stilt houses, village, pagoda and some ancient roads which is created like colorful picture‘’Duong Lam’’ ancient house is absolutely famous in some traditional dishes. This destination is for white rice, Chung cake, Day cake and some other kinds of food more.With the combination of architecture, history and custom. Duong Lam village is attracting many tourist’s eyes who want to explore and have adventure time more in Hanoi.


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